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NCI, Inc is now proud to offer Telemedicine appointments from the comfort of your home. Please call for more information.

On this page, you can find:

  1. Forms to print and fill out before your appointment,
  2. Advice about what information to bring with you,
  3. What to expect from a Memory Care Appointment,
  4. What to expect from a General Neurology Appointment,
  5. How to pay your bill online

Adult Neurology Forms

  • Download, print, and fill these out at home.
  • Bring your completed forms to the appointment with Dr. Darshan or Dr. Supriya Mahajan

Download File

Pediatric Neurology Forms

  • Download, print, and fill these out at home.
  • Bring your completed forms to the appointment with Dr. Ghosh.

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What information to bring with you

If you have had any CT scans or MRIs already done, please bring a CD with the images for the doctor to review. Please bring along any old tests, records, or labs as well. The more information we have, the better.

If you do not have a CD with the CT scans or MRIs, please call the location where you had the testing to request that they make a CD for you. They will not charge you to make the CD. Most locations need 24 hours advance notice before you plan to pick up the CD. Bring the CD along with you to the visit. Commonly, we do not receive CDs if they are sent through the mail.

What to expect from a Memory Care Visit

We take it seriously when someone has identified problems with their memory. Supriya Mahajan, MD is board certified in Behavioral Neurology and does comprehensive 2-part evaluations for patients with changes in cognition.

Part 1 is the new patient visit and that is scheduled for about an hour.

Patients should bring along someone who knows them well, such as a family member or close friend.

We will complete a memory screening test and have a detailed interview about the patient’s cognitive background and current strengths and weaknesses.

There is a neurological physical exam.

We will order blood testing for vitamin deficiencies or other common medical problems that may cause memory problems.

A brain MRI or CT scan of the brain is commonly necessary to seek out a cause for the memory problem, and if that is the case it will be ordered.

Part 2
is about a 30 minute follow up appointment typically in 4-6 weeks after the initial appointment, and is dedicated to review of the brain imaging and blood tests to determine the cause of the cognitive/memory changes. Again, a family member or close friend is encouraged to come along to the follow up appointment.

What to expect from a General Neurology Visit

Patients will complete new patient paperwork for the Neurologist to review during their appointment

One of our staff members will bring the patient into the room for vital signs, to review their medications, and to learn about the patient’s symptoms

The neurologist will review the patient’s paperwork and any test results they brought with them to the appointment, as well as interview the patient about their symptoms, health (past and current), lifestyle and family history.

A neurological physical examination is done which includes basic questions about the date, location, recent events. Language ability, vision, eye movements, facial sensation, facial strength, voice quality, strength in the arms and legs, sensation in the arms and legs, tendon reflexes, coordination, balance and walking are all evaluated as well.

Based on the information gathered during the visit and the physical exam findings the patient is given a first impression about the diagnosis, any medications or non- medication therapies are recommended, and any testing that will help with a diagnosis and treatment is ordered.

Our staff helps the patient schedule their follow up appointment at Neurology Center and guides them through the necessary next-steps in scheduling imaging or other tests.

How to Pay your Bill Online

You can pay your bill online EITHER through your checking/ Health savings, OR with a credit card through our SkyBank portal. Read about the process here: